"Snips" From Some Video Owners:

"I think there is something that can be useful to anyone that views these tapes, from prospective buyer to new owner, and to the advanced sailor...the techniques and shortcuts he uses for setting up his boat work, it's much easier to be able to actually see how he does it than trying to read it on this list. To the new sailor I strongly recommend these tapes, you will actually learn many things that would take you a long time to learn or discover on your own. To those of you that have been sailing for awhile, you might get some new ideas on how to do things differently or maybe just improve on how you are doing something now...these tapes will help me cut my time down...enough to keep me from burning up and having a very hot, cranky first mate."

"Great home video with lots of tips for a speedy launch...I will also be following his tip for storage of the mainsail on the boom. Very neat job and very quick. I had previously flaked the sail on the boom. Not anymore, from now on I will be rolling up as shown in the video...I like the sailing parts with main, genoa and spinnaker all up at the same time and no need for a pole out. The mac bump is shown, also sailing tips for trimming sails for best performance. Great for people new to the sport or even not sailing their MAC the best. Good tips also for single handed when sailing by controlling the sheets and steering from in front of the wheel...Every owner should have one of these videos to view how other people rig and use their Yachts. Even if you only pick up a few hints and tips and then you will wonder, Why didn't I think of that!"

"Thanks for sending the tape so promptly. I haven't finished watching it yet but it looks very helpful...Thanks for a job well done."

"I am about 1/2 way through the video and have learned a lot of little things so far. Your using the jib halyard, cleating it off and STEPPING on it to attach the forestay is great...Thanks again for all of the hard work."

"The tapes came in the mail today. They look good. I use the mast raising gear provided by MacGregor but may try your method...I like your hints about keeping the stays and shrouds off the deck when trailering. I have used something similar but your method seems simpler and quicker."

"Overall, neat tips. I simply cannot believe how you lift that mast!!!...you clearly have an incredible process defined. It is inspiring. My boat is stored 'mast-up'...so I only need to de-rig when headed out for a lake. Many times I may have punted a lake trip because the rigging seems such an obstacle. Your example proves that not so...I've never yet sailed alone, but have been building toward that. Your film offers another step toward that...Congrats on a great site and very professional set-up with PayPal, etc."

"Some overdue feedback on the video...I must say I enjoyed every bit of it and found most useful your way of handling the mast. Great job, and important to all: it's kept simple all the way."

"I received my video last night and just wanted to express my satisfaction. Great job! I ordered the second one in the series which focused on sailing. This is only my third year sailing so it is good to get perspective from as many sources as possible. Thanks for your efforts!"

"I watched the second video first. Many good tips and helpful info about sailing...it is interesting to see all the things you have added for ease of use, safety and comfort."

"I noticed on your web site that you have a second video. I want to buy that also."

"The thing I found most useful on your tape was the section on sail trim. We have had our 2000 model brand new and have had a hell of a time enjoying it because we couldn't get it to sail correctly. Never got proper instruction on sail trim from the dealer. We have considered dumping the boat for something else, but decided to give it one more season to see if we can make it work.. We will be eager to try your techniques."

"Both videos were worth the price. Was able to get a lot of useful information from them. Especially the heaving-to maneuver. I felt that the rudder angle was not enough for this maneuver, now I know otherwise."

"I really like the tapes (content). There are some tips and tricks that will prove valuable when put into practice. Plus, it's just helpful to see someone else sailing the Mac and how they do certain things. I notice you spend a lot of time forward of the steering station. I thought it was just me;) Thanks again."

"Jeff did a great job on his tape. A must for all new owners. Old hands can always learn something new."

"I certainly enjoyed your tape and picked up quite a few time saving points...many thanks for all your hard work."

"...it looks fine...hopefully, I'll get some free time to actually enjoy your handiwork. What I've viewed so far is pretty impressive"

"All in all, it was a great tape and I applaud you for all the work that it has taken to produce."

"Good video with good tips and ideas...thanks for sharing your ideas."

"I've enjoyed watching you (especially since it's been so darn cold out). Anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring...and what I got out of your worthy project."

"I think Jeff has done all of us a great service in putting all of this together...It really is a bargain for newcomers and old salts alike!"

"I am very pleased with the tapes. I have not seen all of the second tape, but you have some excellent tips for Mac sailors. Quality and sound are both good. I am a satisfied customer."

"I think you did a great job and it provides a wealth of information for me (purchased my '96 Mac last year and started sailing only last year)."

"Hi Jeff, We just wanted to let you know that we received the video and want to thank you for all your efforts and to tell you how much we enjoyed it. It was very helpful...by the time we finished watching it we felt like old friends..."

"Just received your tape and had a chance to look at the film. This is very informative. I wondered when someone would do what you have done...thank you for the film."

"I am enjoying my video...Thanks again for all the hard work."

"I really appreciate your efforts in putting all of this together and I really think you should be charging more. I doubt if you are even breaking even considering the time involved. Also enjoyed seeing your young first mate. Too bad more Dads can't take their sons sailing--I'm sure the world would be a better place!"

From: jeff@speedyrigger.com: Thanks to all of you for writing these reviews, and sorry not all have been posted. Not one person has written to say the project was not a benefit to them in some way; that makes it all so worthwhile to me. The above quoted "snips" were only part of the writings from those that have purchased, viewed and responded to me about the videos, I am not revealing their identities because these were written to me off-list via e-mail. If anyone would like to know more information about these written sources please contact me directly. Thanks again, Jeff Stagg "Three Suns" [Sons] Roseville CA USA

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